Podcast: La Russa, Tulo, amazing Kipnis

There might be a changing of the guard in the NL West, but no such thing occurred on Thursday’s Baseball Today, as Keith Law and I gathered to delve into the best sport, with the following topics on the docket:

1. Tony La Russa’s St. Louis Cardinals fell even further behind the Milwaukee Brewers, and one has to wonder if an era is coming to an end.

2. Is Troy Tulowitzki the NL MVP? Certainly one can make the case, and KLaw does, but I do think the standings have to play some role in the decision. Do you agree?

3. Projecting big league performance from minor leaguers is generally a dicey proposition, but when an emailer asks for our favorite "4A" players who didn’t pan out, we’ve got names.

4. Where oh where has the screwball gone? KLaw discusses this interesting pitch and why it’s no longer in vogue.

5. As the Yankees prepare to send Bartolo Colon to the mound Thursday, I wonder if it matters that the team doesn’t have a natural No. 2 starter. Ivan Nova’s looking good, after all.

Plus: Excellent emails, a tough day for Alex Anthopoulos, ESPN’s Amy Nelson and Bryce Harper, the sputtering Giants, the awesome Jason Kipnis and so much more on a packed Baseball Today for Thursday!