Podcast: Thome, Delmon and ... cats

A very tired Keith Law held off on his nap to bestow the baseball knowledge for Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast -- I was there, too! -- and here are some of the topics we discussed!

1. Future Hall of Fame slugger Jim Thome breaks a milestone and we don’t have anything negative to say about it ... or do we?

2. Similarly, future Hall of Fame slugger Delmon Young -- um, wait a second -- was traded from Thome’s team to a first-place one and we actually do have something negative to say about it.

3. KLaw delves into reasons why the draft pick signing deadline late Monday wasn’t so exciting, discussing winners and ... well, winners.

4. Speaking of milestones, a New York Mets relief pitcher reaches one, and then his manager does something kind of silly. You must listen to find out what!

5. Should Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann be in the MVP discussion? An emailer says yes, but a KLaw says ...

Plus: Excellent emails, Derek Jeter versus Darwin Barney again, why it’s always BLT time, checking out the Tuesday schedule and we hear from our favorite cat, all on a packed Tuesday Baseball Today!