Quick question about the AL East race

Eric Karabell brought this up on the Baseball Today podcast. It's almost a certainty that the Texas Rangers will finish with a better record than the Detroit Tigers (or whichever team wins the AL Central). So that means the AL East winner would play the Tigers and the wild-card winner would play the Rangers.

So the question: Would your rather win the East and run the risk of facing Justin Verlander twice in a five-game series, or would you rather win the wild card and face the Rangers, with their deeper rotation and no home-field advantage? Note that Rangers are 39-23 at home so far. The Yankees and Red Sox, meanwhile, both play pretty well on the road -- New York is 40-24 at home, 34-22 on the road; Boston is 38-23 at home, 36-24 on the road.

Tough choice, no?

One more piece of info: The Red Sox are 5-1 versus the Tigers, 0-3 versus the Rangers (the opening series of the year); the Yankees are 3-4 versus the Tigers, 7-2 versus the Rangers.

Let's see how the vote turns out.