Podcast: Power rankings, Votto, Rays

With Hurricane Irene out of harm’s way -- hope you’re safe! -- it was back to work for me as Mark Simon and I discussed many pertinent matters on Monday’s Baseball Today podcast, including ...

1. With few East Coast baseball games being played this past weekend, what does that mean for baseball’s top teams in September?

2. The awesome Justin Verlander wins his 20th game of the season, but should he be an MVP candidate? We harken back to the days when pitchers were, shall we say, busier.

3. Every day is a good day to discuss potential award winners, and Mark points out how good Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto has been ... but will it be enough?

4. The Tampa Bay Rays are back in the race, and while rookie Desmond Jennings has been a monster -- why wasn’t he up earlier? -- the pitching is carrying the day.

5. If it’s Monday, it’s time for Power Rankings! See where the top teams land!

Plus: Excellent emails, more on the five-year Hall of Famers, more on poor Adam Dunn, Noodles Hahn and R.A. Dickey and a ton more on a packed Monday edition of Baseball Today! Glad to be back!