Curtis Granderson stat of the day

From ESPN Stats & Info, via Elias: Curtis Granderson currently leads the major leagues in home runs (38), RBIs (107) and runs scored (121). I found it hard to believe, but only four players have done so: Babe Ruth (1920, 1921 and 1926), Mickey Mantle (1956) and Alex Rodriguez (2007).

GrandersonGrandersonMany have come close. Carl Yastrzemski, for example, in his 1967 Triple Crown season, scored 112 runs ... one less than National Leaguers Hank Aaron and Lou Brock. In his Triple Crown season in 1966, Frank Robinson had 122 RBIs, but Aaron had 127. In 1977, George Foster, led the majors with 52 home runs and 149 RBI, but his 124 runs were four fewer than Rod Carew's total. Alberts Pujols led the majors in 2009 in home runs and runs, but had six fewer RBIs than Ryan Howard and Prince Fielder.

Most impressive about Granderson's numbers is that he's scored 26 more runs than the No. 2 guy, Jacoby Ellsbury. The last time we had a difference of even 20 runs between the top two guys was 1985, when Rickey Henderson scored 146 runs, 28 more than Atlanta's Dale Murphy. Rickey scored 146 in just 143 games.

So if Granderson ends up leading the majors in all three categories, can he be denied the MVP Award?

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