Mets kicking Matsui's tires

Uh-oh. This would scare me a little, were I a Mets fan. From LoHud:

    According to NPBtracker’s twitter, the Mets have asked to see the results of a Hideki Matsui physical. That could be Omar Minaya simply kicking the tires and turning over every rock, or it could be legitimate interest in putting Matsui in the outfield.In a lot of ways, Matsui would make sense for the Mets. They certainly need a bat, especially in the outfield and especially one that hits for power. If Matsui can legitimately play left field, he could give that lineup a boost, and Matsui wouldn’t have to leave New York, which might be appealing to him and make him more likely to sign.

    It makes no sense in one very obvious way. Matsui has played a total of 23 games in the outfield the past two seasons. Using a medical report to decide he can play there again would be a giant leap of faith.

    That said, when MLB.com’s depth chart lists your starting left fielder as Angel Pagan, I guess any and every option is on the table.

What do you think, Mets fans? Would you like to see the club take a flyer on a 36-year-old outfielder with bum knees? Or should the Mets spend the next year or so trying to get their house in order for a run at perennial success?

Signing Matsui to anything more than a one-year contract would be a pitiful cry for a help from a franchise that has no excuse for not winning 85-95 games almost every year. Then again, when you're supposed to win 85-95 games every year, you can wind up doing some pretty silly things.