Podcast: What's going on in Milwaukee?

We went off the field for much of the talk on Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast, as Keith Law, producer Jay Soderberg and yours truly discussed some interesting topics, including:

1. Nice job by a few Milwaukee Brewers in focusing not on their on-field struggles of late, but on their futures. Good timing! (Sarcasm reigns.)

2. Clayton Kershaw gets an early exit in Wednesday’s game, but he had a good reason. Or did he?

3. Tampa Bay lost an opportunity to get closer to the Red Sox, as Matt Moore and Matt Wieters was a one-sided matchup. If the Rays don’t win Thursday’s game, what does that mean?

4. More about the "Moneyball" movie -- and the book -- as KLaw discusses both and defends himself from a very interesting personal attack.

5. A Pod Trooper -- don’t ask -- delivers a memorable email, and we also answer questions about manufactured home-field advantage and the save stat. Again.

Tune in Thursday for a terrific edition of the Baseball Today podcast ...