Friday Filberts

Today's links come in peace (and this manual certainly is not some sort of cookbook) ...

* Craig Calcaterra says we should give Scott Boras the benefit of the doubt, and can't figure out why everybody hates the guy. No, it's not because he's good at his job. It's because he often says ridiculous things and we don't like being treated like idiots.

* As I wrote yesterday, I don't see Jason Bay as a good fit for the Mariners. Chone Figgins, though? He's different story, because he's just as good as Bay and can play just about anywhere.

* Melissa Segura brings us the latest installment of Who is Aroldis Chapman, really? (Someday we'll know, really.)

* Carson Cistulli, in his usual Cistullian way, wonders if (and how) the Observer Effect will affect FanGraphs' Fan Projections.

* Apparently Nolan Ryan has somehow become the linchpin for the Rangers' entire future. No, seriously.

* Bambi meets Godzilla.

* Just a warning: If you're a fan of the Astros, you might want to skip this one.

* This is exactly what I was talking about yesterday, except with, you know, real reporting and stuff. Well done, Matthew Leach (and thanks for loaning me OK Computer all those years ago; I'll be forever grateful).