Monday Mendozas

December, 7, 2009
Today's links were finished up while I watched Robin Williams doing a bit about Doc Ellis ...

* All signs point to the Mariners signing Chone Figgins, and Erik Manning looks at the little things and likes what he sees.

* Larry Stone tells his favorite tales of Winter Meetings past.

* Bloomberg's getting into the baseball business.

* Nice little primer from the Wall Street Journal on Joe Simpson's Paradox.

* Yeah, this is hard-core sabermetrics. But if sabermetricians don't ask these questions, who will?

* What kind of a manager was Gene Mauch (who fell far, far short of election to the Hall of Fame yesterday)? Well, as Chris Jaffe notes, Mauc sure did like his double plays.

* So the Moneyball movie isn't dead (again). I wonder if this has anything to do with this fall's big surprise hit.

* On the difference between WAR and Win Shares (and what might be the opening salvo of the unlikely campaign to get Kenny Lofton into the Hall of Fame).



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