Podcast: Previews and predictions

Do you have the postseason fever? Me and Mark Simon certainly had it for Friday’s Baseball Today podcast, as we preview each series and predict the winners.

1. Of course, we started the show with breaking news from Boston. Yep, they’re not playing anymore and still it’s all about the Sox.

2. The Rays elect to go with rookie Matt Moore to start Game 1 in Texas. Will it matter to Josh Hamilton and his slugging pals?

3. It’s not solely about Justin Verlander, ya know. The Tigers have other pitching strengths and can hit ... but can the Yankees be topped?

4. The least-talked about playoff series involves the Diamondbacks and Brewers, but it could be the most interesting. Who is the key player for this matchup?

5. Pressure is squarely on the 102-win Phillies, but the Cardinals bring an imposing middle of the batting order and experience. Will it matter?

Baseball’s the best sport and this is the best time of the year for it, so check out the best -- Baseball Today podcast! -- on Friday and prepare for the weekend!