Podcast: Will Verlander get another start?

Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast was a fun one for me and Keith Law, as we talked not only about the final four teams, but there were plenty of calls of "Cat bias!" That’s always a good thing!

1. The Rangers sure seem to have things under control, up two games and heading to Detroit. What advantage do the Tigers actually have at this point, and will Justin Verlander get another shot?

2. Was Nelson Cruz the big star Monday? Despite the historic walk-off grand slam, which shouldn’t have been the first in history, we looked elsewhere.

3. Meanwhile, the NL side is tied up as Albert Pujols had a monster game, and Tony La Russa made the early move to his bullpen yet again. Is the Brewers' starting pitching becoming a problem?

4. Is our show too dependent on statistics to tell the story? An emailer thinks so, and KLaw rants back.

5. KLaw gives a dissertation on extended spring training, instructional league, winter leagues and more.

So check out Tuesday’s fun, meow-filled Baseball Today podcast, because it’s the right thing to do!