Podcast: LCS, free agents, intentional walks

Well, we’ve got a new series in the American League, don’t we? Keith Law and I were able to discuss that along with some off-field news in a scintillating Wednesday edition of Baseball Today!

1. The Tigers hit some home runs and Doug Fister did the rest. Kudos to them! We discuss the M*A*S*H unit that has become each lineup and the value of an intentional walk.

2. Of course, what Fister and Colby Lewis did -- or didn’t do -- has little bearing on what Rick Porcello and Matt Harrison do. We preview the critical Game 4.

3. The NLCS shifts to St. Louis, where the last time we saw Chris Carpenter he was pretty darn effective. Can Yovani Gallardo step up?

4. Theo Epstein is leaving Boston for the beleaguered Chicago Cubs. We discuss the overrated mess left behind in Beantown -- the team wasn’t overrated, but the off-field activities of certain pitchers was -- as well as his impact on a new franchise.

5. Happy emails? Wait, people actually like us? Hey, we don’t write the emails, we just answer them, and on Wednesday people seemed in a pretty good mood. There were no calls of "Cat bias."

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