Giants about to add DeRosa


According to our own Jayson Stark, it looks like the Giants might have a new third baseman (in the form of Mark DeRosa):

    The 34-year-old free agent has been pursued by a number of teams this winter, including the Yankees, Mets, Cubs, Cardinals, Braves and Phillies, but hasn't been able to find a club willing to give him the three-year deal he was originally seeking.

    The Giants would use DeRosa primarily at third base, but he is also expected to see action at several other positions. He has played more than 20 games at every position except catcher and pitcher in his 12-year career.

    DeRosa had wrist surgery in late October to repair a torn tendon sheath. So the physical, in his case, is more than a formality. However, he's expected to be ready for spring training.

Wrist problems, like back problems, are notoriously fickle. So I take seriously the notion that a Mark DeRosa physical is "more than a formality." Still, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, teams generally assumed (if not always correctly) that if a doctor says a player will be ready for spring training, he'll be ready.

I was prepared to disparage this deal, but after looking at the numbers I'm not sure that I can. DeRosa was terrible after joining the Cardinals last summer, but even with the injury he was still worth more than $6 million over the whole season. Throw in his versatility, and it's hard to see a two-year, $12 million contract as any sort of blunder.

The arrival of DeRosa -- assuming he plays third base -- will necessarily push Pablo Sandoval to first base, and Travis Ishikawa to the bench or another team. I was hoping Ishikawa would get one more chance with the Giants, but considering his struggles with the bat and Panda's struggles with the glove, it's hard to fault the Giants for making the switch.

Now, about that outfield ...