Wednesday Wangdoodles

Hey, it's the last Link-O-Rama of 2009!

* Jason's right: that is one truly absurd headline.

* The Biz of Baseball has end-of-year salary totals for all the franchises from 1999-2009. I doubt you'll be surprised by the team at the top of the list, but the distance between No. 1 and No. 2 -- let alone No. 1 and No. 30 -- does suggest at least a small problem ...

* ... a problem which might be addressed, some believe, by placing a third team in the Tri-State Area. I'm not at all convinced yet. Such a thing has never been attempted, anywhere, and I suspect a third team would struggle mightily to attract fans.

* Courtesy of Ron Kaplan, a bit of shocking news: Jason Marquis has pitched in the majors in 10 seasons ... and he's never pitched for a team that didn't wind up in the playoffs.

* Pete Abraham wonders what's next for the Red Sox, who really have just half-a-hole to fill: an insurance policy on Mike Lowell's ability (or not) to come back strong from his injury.

* As Joe Posnanski writes, each of us would have a different Hall of Fame, a fact that's brought starkly into view with the list of players in the Hall of Merit.

* The Book's Tangotiger opens a (projected) 10-part series of responses to Mike Silva with a defense of defensive statistics (and the series, which serves as a primer on the state of sabermetrics, is progressing rapidly).

* And speaking of primers, Big League Stew's Alex Remington offers an outstanding summary of wins above replacement (WAR). Really, these days there's no excuse for not knowing everything about everything.