Tuesday's SportsNation chat

A couple of highlights from today's SportsNation chat:

Wes (LA): Whats your feeling on whether Manny should address his team or not. Torre says its not a big deal and he should do it when he is ready, Frank McCourt is demanding he do it now. Those players really do look up to Manny and were probably let down a lot with learning that he cheated. It would probably help with him apoligizing to them, but to force him to do it would make it half hearted right?

Rob Neyer: Trust me, Wes ... few players look up to Manny Ramirez. He's just not the leadership type. And I can promise you that most (and perhaps all) of his teammates will be trying to keep a straight face while he "apologizes" for getting caught.

Christian (San Diego, CA): Jordan Schafer has struggled to start the season, any chance he get demoted?

Rob Neyer: In his last 25 games he's batted .175 without a home run. I know he's a good center fielder, but I'm guessing he's on a short leash at the moment. Not that anyone should be surprised, as he wasn't all that great in Double-A last year. He probably just isn't ready for an every-day job in the majors. Not yet.