Podcast: Best day for birthdays!

The last day of January is a notable one in baseball for myriad reasons, not the least of which is because we got the gang together for the Baseball Today podcast, as Mark Simon and I discussed many topics, including:

1. In addition to it being Mr. Simon’s birthday, some other pretty decent Hall of Famers were born on this day. We actually chronicle whether this is the greatest single day for birthdays!

2. Who is the best team in baseball right now? We tell you with our impromptu Power Rankings, going 1 through 10, and highlight the worst of the worst as well.

3. Roy Oswalt and Edwin Jackson remain free agents. Which right-hander would you prefer for this season? And why haven’t the Red Sox already locked up one or both fellows?

4. Prince Fielder joins forces with Miguel Cabrera in Detroit, creating a large, powerful set of corner infielders. We discuss Fielder’s contract, Cabrera’s defense and the weight of it all.

5. Finally, it’s time for your emails and tweets, and we discuss bounce-back seasons for pitchers, AL versus NL, and Tampa Bay’s pitching depth.

So download and listen to Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast, and find out what Mark Simon, Jackie Robinson and Yuniesky Betancourt all have in common!