Quick poll: Darvish, Moore or Strasburg?

This came up in today's chat session: Which young, sort-of-unproven starter would you want for the next five years: Yu Darvish, Matt Moore or Stephen Strasburg?

For the purposes of the poll, don't consider salaries. Obviously, with Darvish costing the Rangers more than $100 million and Moore costing the Rays the league minimum this season, that's a huge financial advantage for the Rays.

Tough one, isn't it? Rays fans bombarded me recently after I ranked the Rangers' rotation above the Rays', with one of their reasons being that Darvish has no major league experience. Of course, Moore has only two career major league starts and Darvish's Japanese credentials are certainly as impressive (or more so) than Moore's minor league credentials. That's not a criticism of Moore, just that I don't see how you can knock Darvish because he hasn't pitched over here.