What's next for Michael Pineda?

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Michael Pineda in 2011

Michael Pineda got off to a terrific start for the Seattle Mariners in his debut season, but his numbers at the end of the season did not match up to those at the start of the year. In particular, his home run rate increased significantly.

Pineda was not able to replicate the success he had against lefties in the first half. He went from allowing an extra-base hit every 17 at-bats against lefties to allowing one every 12.

Pineda’s opponents batting average against left-handed hitters rose from .201 prior to the All-Star break to .302 afterwards.

Michael Pineda vs LHB

Pitches in Strike Zone

The heat map below shows the damage done against Pineda when he threw a pitch in the strike zone to a left-handed hitter.

Which version of Pineda will we see with the New York Yankees in 2012?

Left: Michael Pineda's hot/cold zones in strike zone versus lefties (first half)

Right: Pineda’s hot/cold zones in strike zone (second half)

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Debate below how think you Pineda will fare in pinstripes.