Wednesday Wangdoodles

I'm still on Vicodin, but they were legally prescribed so I'm not going to apologize no matter what Bob Costas says ...

* Here, all in one place: a dozen of the best pieces of sabermetric research from 2009. I have to admit that I haven't yet read all of them. I promise I will by this time next week.

* But if you're pressed for time, at least read this nifty primer on wOBA, one of my favoritest modern statistical thingamajigs.

* Two good pieces from FanGraphs: 2007-2009's three true outcomes leaders, and Part 1 of Bryan Smith's effort to identify minor-league sinkerballers.

* Hey, if completely changing the outside of Wrigley Field means the old ballpark will outlive me, I'm all for it.

* What's authentic, and what's not? You'd be surprised at how much material Joe Posnanski can find while answering such a seemingly simple question (with a little help from Pudge v1).

* Did Martha Coakley blow her huge lead because she displayed a shocking lack of knowledge about the Red Sox, and a disturbing lack of respect for New England's sports fans? I don't know. Probably not, exactly. But it sure didn't help.

* It's safe to say that the McCovey Chronicles is less than thrilled with the return of Bengie Molina. I mean, why else would you go to the trouble of inventing a time machine, traveling to the future, and recording a news conference?

* Via The Hardball Times, Harry Pavlidis presents the extraordinary rookie pitchers of 2009, as told by PITCHf/x.

* What's a good farm system worth? Sky Andrechek has the goods, as usual.