Friday Filberts

Today's links were compiled while I waited for a record store to open so I can snag the new Green Day record ...

• Home Run Derby's Richie Rich reviews some of the mistaken identities forever immortalized on thin cardboard.

• The mayor of San Jose is moving quickly on a stadium for the A's, though of course it's not likely that anything will actually be done quickly.

• Via Bugs & Cranks, screen shots and video featuring life lessons from Pablo "Kung Fu Panda" Sandoval (who has also, in his brief career, been hung with the nicknames "Little Money" and "el Toro").

• Is Willie Bloomquist's power finally blooming? What do you think? (It's probably about the same as what R.J. Anderson thinks.)

• How good has Oakland's pitching been? It's been amazing! (As my old softball teammate Rob McQuown writes, in his first contribution with Baseball Prospectus.)

• Jonah Keri's going to be on NPR this afternoon; here's a preview!

• The federal judge who ended The Strike in 1995 is now high on the list of U.S. Supreme Court candidates.

• How did Dontrelle Willis fare in his return to the majors Wednesday night? Well, that depends. If you grade on a curve ...

• Remember all those stories about Jeff Francoeur's new batting stance, and how everything was going to be OK? MGL does (and if you don't know why I'm mentioning this, compare Frenchy's numbers this year to last year).

• The best illusion in the world? Why, the curve ball, of course!