White Sox looking strong in Central?

Next in our look at projected standings, we turn to the Glamour Division:

White Sox - 88

Twins - 82

Indians - 76

Tigers - 75

Royals - 71

There are only two numbers in the entire projected standings that surprise me: the White Sox' and the Reds' (more on them later).

The White Sox won 79 games last season. They finished 12th in scoring but second in ERA; essentially they were a .500 team, qualitatively. Now, it's not a huge leap from 81 wins (.500) to 88 wins ... I just can't figure out where they're going to come from. This winter, the White Sox have added Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones to their outfield mix, and Mark Teahen's presumably going to play somewhere. The pitching staff is essentially the same, except they'll have Jake Peavy from the get-go.

If Peavy's healthy -- and he looked real healthy in his three September starts with the Sox -- they should have a pretty fantastic rotation, both durable and effective. I just don't know how they're going to score a lot more runs unless Carlos Quentin bounces back and Gordon Beckham takes yet another step forward. I'm not saying it can't happen; I'm just saying I probably would have guessed 83 or 84 wins for them rather than 88.

No more surprises here. You have to give the Twins a shot, if only because they've got Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau (and especially if you're impressed by Francisco Liriano's recent outings). The Twins are one of those teams, like the Angels, that I can't really give up on until they actually lose (of course, that's what I used to say about the A's).

The Indians are still trying to build a pitching rotation, the Tigers are both too young and too old, and the Royals are ... well, the Royals are still trusting The Process. Good luck with that.