Podcast: Votto, Cain ... Darvish for Cy?

Bias cat made more than one appearance on Tuesday’s memorable Baseball Today podcast, as Keith Law and myself tried to make sense of the misguided anger, while also discussing a few major contracts!

1. What are the Cincinnati Reds thinking in locking up Joey Votto for 10 years? Keith explains why the Reds will regret the contract extension.

2. However, the Matt Cain deal in San Francisco looks a bit better. We compare the Cain deal to how it affects Cole Hamels, a similar pitcher but one that throws with his left hand.

3. Keith reminds us what the 20-80 scouting scale means, pointing out some players at either side of the extreme for certain categories. Oh, and he’s not a fan of Dusty Baker, but you probably knew that already.

4. Apparently we’re biased against the New York Yankees and Milwaukee Brewers, since we didn’t pick them to win the World Series. How could we! It’s a dynamite set of silly emails today!

5. Keith explains some of his 2012 predictions, including why Yu Darvish is not only going to be the AL Rookie of the Year ...

So download and listen to Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast, and we remind you that no cats were harmed in the production of the show. Just feelings.