Podcast: Ozzie, new contracts, draft

Pitching matchups looking forward and back were a popular topic on Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast, as Keith Law and I tackled many subjects!

1. First, there’s the Ozzie Guillen situation with the Marlins. Hey, this probably won’t be the last time we’re talking about Guillen off the field.

2. Ian Kinsler and Brandon Phillips each have shiny, new contracts, but which one of them really deserves it?

3. The performances of Neftali Feliz and Daniel Bard were very much on my mind from Tuesday night, but what does Law see for these right-handers moving forward?

4. Our emailers want to know the effect managers can have on baseball games, whether Austin Jackson is a good leadoff choice and more! Send emails to baseballtoday@espnradio.com.

5. We look ahead to what should be a terrific slate of Wednesday games, including Roy Halladay versus Josh Johnson on ESPN2.

Plus, Keith talks about the upcoming draft and which high school and college kids to watch. It’s a packed Wednesday episode of Baseball Today podcast, so download and listen now! Coming Thursday, SweetSpot blogger/editor Dave Schoenfield will join me! Chone Figgins for MVP!