Podcast: Nationals team to beat in East?

Mark Simon and I delivered a hard-hitting Wednesday episode of the Baseball Today podcast, focusing on the good, the bad and the Jake Westbrook.

1. Yu Darvish was magnificent against the Yankees, showing better command than in earlier starts. Can anything stop the Rangers?

2. Can anything stop the Washington Nationals? Have they actually become the team to beat in the NL East?

3. Mark tells us the pitchers with the lowest hard-hit average so far, including Westbrook and quite a few lefties with aberrant numbers.

4. Our emailers want answers about the Minnesota Twins/ future, resources for looking up advanced stats, and on the ridiculous side, the oldest players to homer on their birthday.

5. Wednesday’s schedule features quite a few pitchers potentially at a crossroads, including Kyle Drabek, Joe Wieland and Phil Hughes.

So download and listen to Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast and learn more about Omar Moreno and Frankie Crosetti.