Podcast: Harper, Trout, Power Rankings

Mark Simon and I gathered for Monday’s Baseball Today podcast, talking about players young and old, as well as the good and bad from Power Rankings!

1. Bryce Harper and Mike Trout were each called up since our Friday show. Is this desperation from the Nationals and Angels? And will it work?

2. Meanwhile, Trout’s struggling teammate Albert Pujols remains homerless, and his team is nine games outta first place! Pujols will hit, right? Well, we analyze it.

3. Mark shares tales from his Mets-apolooza weekend as well as sharing the leaders in ERA-FIP differential and an update on who is hitting the ball hard.

4. Power Rankings! There are some surprises in our respective top 10s, notably in a few preseason contenders leaving the ranks.

5. Yu Darvish is featured in Monday’s action, but I’ll also be watching his opponent. We break down the schedule with the teams and pitchers you should be watching.

So download and listen to Monday’s Baseball Today podcast, as we have a legendary Ridiculous Question of the Day and much more!