Friday Filberts

Sorry, no snappy banter or little joke in this space today. Not in the mood. Maybe next week.
• Three years ago, Rich Lederer interviewed Nick Adenhart.

• Joshua Fruhlinger presents the best baseball tech of 2009 (and be sure to click through to No. 11 on the list).

• This time, Darryl Strawberry really seems to have turned his life around. Good for him. Does that mean it's time to retire his and Dwight Gooden's numbers? No way!

• Can Carlos Silva thrive while essentially throwing just one pitch? As Dave Cameron writes, it's certainly an interesting experiment.

• He's more than the answer to a trivia question; he's "Spook" Jacobs!

    He was drafted out of the Brooklyn Dodgers chain and joined the Athletics in the last season they called Philadelphia home. His opening day show, in which he grounded out only in his last at-bat, began an eventful 17-year Major League career.
    He stayed with the Athletics when they moved to Kansas City, then went to the Pittsburgh Pirates. But both before and during his time in the Majors, he had some pretty good years with other leagues.

Seventeen years in the majors? Wow. I didn't remember Jacobs having that kind of career.
Oh. He didn't. Jacobs spent three seasons -- well, one season and parts of two others -- in the majors (which is, of course, three more than I spent in the majors). Jacobs did bat .300 on the nose in 14 seasons, including a healthy .342 while playing Triple-A ball in 1956.

Wondering why I'm writing so much about a guy with 164 career hits in the majors? It's because, though I don't have much of a baseball card collection, for some reason I do have this one.

• Do you want to work in baseball? Or: Do you want to work for Baseball Prospectus? The latter has been known to lead to the former. Anyway, here's your big chance!

• Inspired by the odd sight of Garret Anderson in Braves livery, Bill Chuck presents a list of the players who have played the most games with their current teams.

• David Broder really, really, really likes the latest edition of The Dickson Baseball Dictionary. So do I.