Podcast: Mets, Nationals, Pirates, more!

Ah, the highs and lows of being a New York Mets fan! We’ve got Mark Simon to discuss this, and many other topics, for Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast!

1 .One day they get a no-hitter, and on Tuesday the Mets somehow manage to lose to the Nationals in a crazy game. We celebrate Bryce Harper, the annoying Stephen Strasburg angle, and of course, talk Mets.

2. The Diamondbacks are struggling, and the team’s managing general partner decided it was time to verbally motivate a few players. Was he out of line?

3. Tuesday was a night for barehanded defense, and we point out the season leaders in this unique category.

4. We take your Tweets on a variety of topics, including late draft steals, being clutch and the Pirates.

5. Wednesday’s schedule features interesting arms for the Rays and Yankees, Zack Greinke and the underrated Felipe Paulino! Of course, you know all about Felipe Paulino, right?

So download and listen to Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast as we bring the passion and hope you enjoy it!