Thursday's podcast: MLB draft wrap-up

The recently completed amateur draft remains a topic of discussion as Keith Law and I shared thoughts on Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast!

  1. Who were the winners and losers from the draft? Keith offers insight on several teams and describes the smart strategy for the Houston Astros.

  2. The Boston Red Sox expect to get Daisuke Matsuzaka back this weekend. We’ve talked in depth about Daniel Bard, but will Dice-K fare any better?

  3. The projected right side of the Philadelphia Phillies infield is in Florida for extended spring training. Does Keith see Ryan Howard and Chase Utley saving the Phillies?

  4. Our emailers have questions about Zack Greinke helping the Milwaukee Brewers with scouting, pitchers warming up, drafting managers’ sons and much more!

  5. Thursday’s schedule features a trio of eight-game winners, and we delve deeper on Lance Lynn and R.A. Dickey, and wonder what’s next for Mike Minor.

So download and listen to Thursday’s fine Baseball Today podcast, because even with the draft over, KLaw has much to say, and you need to hear it.