Podcast: Power rankings, Youkilis, shifts

With a big trade (finally) and Power Rankings on our plate this was a busy Monday edition of the Baseball Today podcast, and Mark Simon and I had a blast!

1. Kevin Youkilis is changing his Sox from Red to White, which certainly seems like a positive move for both teams. We explain why.

2. As for the weekly top 10 of the best in baseball, one of us had both Sox in the rankings, while the other is thinking of birds of a different feather.

3. A few weeks ago it seemed the NL East was on par with the AL East, but that certainly doesn’t appear to be the case any longer.

4. Our emailers have thoughts about a team or replacement players, the real Mets ace, defensive shifts and inherited baserunners for relievers.

5. Monday’s schedule features one of baseball’s best at Coors Field, plus the Tribe in Gotham and some interesting starting pitching options.

So download and listen to Monday’s Baseball Today podcast, as we talk about our recent baseball trips and prepare for another exciting day! Enjoy!