Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links come to you in the wake of yet another brilliant performance by Zack Greinke.
You've probably seen most of the cool Greinke stats. After Tuesday night, here's a new one: Greinke became just the fifth pitcher in the last 15 years to throw five complete games in his first 10 starts of the season. That strikes me as sort of a freak stat, though. I prefer this one: Greinke hasn't allowed a home run this season, and, in fact, he hasn't allowed a home run since the fifth inning of a 5-2 victory last Sept. 2. That's 103 straight innings without giving up a single homer.

Greinke's been lucky. You have to be to give up eight runs in 75 innings. But Greinke strikes out lots of hitters, walks few of them and doesn't give up many big flies. The things a pitcher can control, he controls. Which is what's made him great since last summer.

Justin Verlander's been pretty great lately, too.

• The Mets keep winning. But as Ken Davidoff writes, Omar Minaya doesn't get credit for good injury management (but at least Jerry Manuel's taking good notes).

• I admire Scott Miller for not pulling his punches just because someone, you know, died.

• Sports are recession-proof? As Ken Belson writes in the Times, not if you're just out of college and looking for a job.

• Also in the Times, a nice interview with Sports Illustrated's S.L. Price about his new book.

• On the off-chance you haven't seen (and heard!) it already, SweetSpot presents Laurence Tureaud at his best.