2012 All-Star Game: Second inning

July, 10, 2012
Only eight more innings to go! Last time both teams scored at least five runs: 2005. So there's hope this game gets interesting. Especially if Tony La Russa brings in Tim Lincecum.

Just a joke there, Giants fans. Take it easy. Relax. Your guys did well. Be proud.

Nice diving catch by Jose Bautista to end the top of the second as Joe Nathan pitches a 1-2-3 inning.

Matt Cain back out for a second inning of work. That's almost old school! The fear is the American League just packs it in and starts hacking early in the count. Which wouldn't necessarily be a bad approach, I suppose, as Cain is likely to fire a lot of fastballs with a 5-0 lead. Cain retires Prince Fielder on a fly to center, Adrian Beltre on a pop-up to shortstop and David Ortiz on a fly to the left-field corner. I think that half-inning took about 47 seconds. Or about as long it takes Josh Beckett to deliver one pitch.

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