2012 All-Star Game: Fifth inning

Bryce Harper hits for Carlos Beltran. He's wearing gold cleats. Can't wait for some old-school columnist to bash him tomorrow. Baseball has been going downhill ever since they let those A's grow themselves some mustaches back in '72!

Harper walks against Jered Weaver. A 19-year-old just drew a walk in All-Star Game, which is a small notation but awesome. And then he tags up on a fly ball to left field.

Yes, I'll have some more, please.

Oops. David Wright bounces one back to Weaver and Harper gets caught off second base. OK, he's 19 years old.

Now comes the fun part of the game. David Freese in at first base! Jose Altuve at second base! Andrew McCutchen in center field! Don't choke, guys. Freese, by the way, has played 21 innings at first base in his career. With four third basemen, La Russa did this so they can all get in the game. I wonder if he'd done it if the game was close.

After David Ortiz singles off Clayton Kershaw, Mike Napoli sends a routine fly ball to left, which Harper loses in the lights. I sense the momentum turning! Napoli is credited with a hit. The obvious question: Why? Just because it didn't touch his glove? No, don't try to understand official scoring.

Curtis Granderson grounds out on a 3-1 pitch and Asdrubal Cabrera walks to load the bases for Ian Kinsler, but he flies to left field. This time, Harper makes the catch.

Biggest All-Star blowouts:

  • 1946: AL 12, NL 0. Ted Williams goes 4-for-4 with two home runs, a walk and five RBIs.

  • 1983: AL, NL 3. AL wins for the first time since 1971 and just the second time since 1962. Fred Lynn hits a grand slam off Atlee Hammaker, still the only grand slam in All-Star history.

  • 1992: AL 13, NL 6. This was the game I mentioned earlier when Tom Glavine got shelled. AL pounds out 19 hits. Ken Griffey Jr. wins MVP honors by going 3-for-3.