Podcast: Second-half preview, Ben Gibbard

So, the All-Star break has passed and the second half of the MLB season starts Friday, so what am I going to do on Thursday night without the greatest game? Well, perhaps I will again listen to Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast with me, Keith Law and a very special guest!

1. Ben Gibbard from the band Death Cab For Cutie is a baseball fan and listener of our show, so we thought we’d ask him about music and baseball and other things.

2. We go division by division with insight on which teams will make it the playoffs, and which teams will not. And I apparently think we’ll get a few must-win tiebreaker games as well!

3. We take your tweets on anything and everything, including analysis of the new Edwin Encarnacion contract in Toronto.

4. After Troy Tulowitzki, who is the best shortstop in baseball? And does it have to be a big leaguer?

5. Keith’s updated prospect rankings are posted, and he gives us a hint of what to expect and who might not be signing a contract before Friday’s deadline.

So download and listen to Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast, because all of us need our baseball fix on this off-day. Later on, maybe I’ll watch a movie ... or a replay of the 1980 World Series.