Podcast: Dodgers, Tigers, NL shortstops

Like Matt Kemp of the Dodgers, you expect big things from us on the Baseball Today podcast, and hopefully Keith Law and I provided just that on Thursday’s show:

1. Kemp’s extra-inning heroics saved the Dodgers Wednesday, but does this team have enough to catch the Giants and hold off the Diamondbacks?

2. Doug Fister stepped up for the Tigers, bringing back memories of his 2011 performance. But should anyone expect that success again?

3. With Trevor Bauer headed back to the minors, Keith talks about some current minor league arms to watch the rest of the season, including one of Bauer’s teammates.

4. Our emailers are very interested in the Yankees’ offensive prowess, teams trading within their own division, Cubs middle infielders and NL shortstops!

5. Thursday’s schedule features numerous wins leaders, as if that tells us anything, but also it’s a big day for R.A. Dickey and Clay Buchholz, among others.

So download and listen to Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast, because the Red Sox haven’t quite been eliminated from playoff contention yet, and there’s much to watch.