Podcast: Trades, power rankings, Yadier

With numerous trades to discuss and Power Rankings to reveal, Mark Simon and I gathered for Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast, and, yes, we also got a little bit ridiculous!

1. Mark likes the Ichiro Suzuki trade and I think he’s pretty much shot as a hitter. Who’s right? Can’t we both be right?

2. The Tigers clearly upgraded in their deal with the Marlins, but how much? And will they eventually miss Jacob Turner?

3. As for the Power Rankings, the hottest team in baseball didn’t find its way into either of our top 10s, which is a bit surprising. Who made it?

4. Our emailers wanted to discuss Yadier Molina as an MVP candidate, lineups containing all alphabet letters, candy bars, Yankees All-Stars and batters hitting their weight. Interesting day!

5. Tuesday’s schedule features the amazing R.A. Dickey but also a quality matchup in St. Louis, Oakland hits the road and is this it for Zack Greinke as a Brewer?

So download and listen to Tuesday’s Baseball Today podcast because the word “done” can refer to a lot of things, but our fine show is thankfully not one of them.