Podcast: Power rankings, rumors, Olympics

Wait, who let Karabell take a vacation during trade deadline week? Mark Simon and myself hosted Monday's Baseball Today podcast as we discussed Power Rankings, the trade deadline and more!

1. We review the Zack Greinke trade from Friday and his performance on Sunday. It was a good debut but it proved to be an even bigger weekend for the Rays.

2. We discuss the rumors with the Phillies and why Hunter Pence to the Giants may not make sense and why Josh Johnson to anywhere may not happen.

3. Everybody wants to trade Mike Olt, it seems. Except the Rangers. Maybe they should just call him up and put him in the lineup.

4. Power Rankings: We agree pretty much on the top five but then it gets messy. One of us believes more in the A's.

5. Emails include the biggest one-season increases and decreases in WAR, the Phillies' rotation and which major leaguers would make great Olympic athletes.

Plus we preview Monday's action. Check it all out on Monday's Baseball Today podcast.