Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links will still be here tomorrow, if you're too "busy" today ... but then they'll be gone forever!

* The Common Man applies a healthy dose of skepticism to the notion that Hank Greenberg was denied a shot at 61 homers because of his religion.

* When is $23 million not $23 million? As Tommy Bennett notes, when it's not paid until 2015 (let alone 2018).

* As usual, we shouldn't have taken one odd season too seriously: Jimmy Rollins was better than we thought last year.

* We're just at the very beginning of figuring out what baseball writers should do with Twitter, as TYU points out.

* Doug Glanville writes movingly about the tyranny of the baseball schedule.

* It's a fine point, perhaps. But Tango argues that we should forget about strikeout-to-walk ratio and instead look at strikeouts minus walks.

* Is Tom Hicks really "the most hated man in baseball?" I don't know. Either way, Maury Brown brings us up to date on the reasons he might be.

* Lookout Landing's Jeff Sullivan on the benefits (or not) of LASIK surgery.