SweetSpot TV: Who makes the playoffs?

Where Eric Karabell and I talk playoffs. Who will be in, who will be out? It's looking like most of this year's September excitement will center around the wild-card races, as four of the six division leaders hold leads of 4 or more games.

That's much different from last season, when at similar juncture the Red Sox led the Yankees by 0.5 games and the Rangers led the Angels by 3.5, but the other divisions were secure with leads of at least 5.5 games.

What made last September amazing, of course, was two comebacks by teams seemingly out of it. The Yankees led the Rays in the wild-card race by 8.5 games (making the Rays 9 games behind the Red Sox, the team they eventually beat out). In the NL, the Braves were 8.5 games up on the Cardinals. So while last season appeared void of drama at the 135-game point, it ended up with the most dramatic final day of the regular-season in baseball history.

What about this year? Let's do a quick poll for the American League East.

Click on the video to see who Eric and I like and then vote in the poll to make your prediction.