Would you root for the Yankees?

Mariners fans love Ichiro Suzuki. They do not love the New York Yankees. (Damn you, David Justice!)

So I was little surprised when my mom told me she'd like to see Ichiro play in the World Series. He's never played in one, of course, so I can see the sentiment. Still, that means a Mariner fan has to root for the Yankees? That is not an easy thing to do.

I asked Mariners fans on Twitter what they thought. Some responses:

From @mrdrewnichols: for Ichiro, yes. But the Yankees? HECK NO!!!!!

From @JayJayDean: The Bruins fan in me who was thrilled when Ray Bourque won a Cup with the Avs understands your Mom's thinking on Ichiro

From @scottyding: I hope Ichiro hits .583 for the rest of the season.....and the Yankees miss the playoffs.

From @jrabbitt: Yes want to see Ichiro make the playoffs one more time, for his sake they should have traded him to Boston or NY years ago

From @AdSal44: everyone loved Anakin until he went darkside. #JustSayin

From @NWKingdome: never root for the Yankees, but if the inevitable happens, take solace in Ichiro's success as mild compensation.

From @borris_g: Agree, he at least deserves 1 good chance to win a WS, don't like the Yanks but like to see Ichiro in a playoff atmosphere

From @AdamHWongPI: Feels like OKC debate. I can still root for Durant and dislike the Thunder.

From @scottyweebs: gross. they're still the Yankees. Ichiro's been to the playoffs before.

What do you think? What if one of your favorite players was traded to one of your most hated rivals? Would you root for him to reach the World Series? (I'm not sure the Kevin Durant mention applies here. I mean ... OKC stole an entire franchise! Not the same thing. Plus, Durant only played one season in Seattle.)