Posey, Mays and why the Giants will win

There is no magic formula to predict which team will win the World Series. We can look at numbers, we can look at heart, we can look at talent, but with baseball prediction is an impossible task. This year though, if the similarities between Buster Posey and Willie Mays have anything to do with it, the Giants will win the World Series.

To date, the careers of Willie Mays and Buster Posey are nearly identical.

Willie Mays came to the majors on May 25, 1951. He would win the Rookie of the year Award and help lead the Giants to the National League pennant. He batted .274 with 59 runs, 20 home runs and 68 RBIs.

Buster Posey came up to the majors (after a few plate appearances in 2009) on May 29, 2010. He won the Rookie of the Year Award, led the Giants to the National League pennant and then to a World Series championship. He batted .305, scored 58 runs, and hit 18 home runs with 67 RBIs.

Then in 1952 and 1953 Mays played in only 34 games because of military service. In 2011 Posey played in only 45 games because of a broken leg from a horrible injury at home plate which would sideline him for the year.

The next year for Mays was 1954. He batted .345 with 119 runs, 195 hits, 66 walks and 110 RBIs. Mays went to the All-Star Game and won the MVP. Posey, this year, batted .336 with 78 runs, 178 hits, 69 walks and had 103 RBIs. Posey was an All-Star and is the favorite to win the MVP Award.

In 1954 the New York Giants won the World Series in four games against the Cleveland Indians. Mays batted .286 in the World Series. Considering the history here, it might be as good a bet as any that the Giants will win the World Series this year and Posey will bat around .286.