Gardenhire tabs Rauch as Twins' closer

Twins Cities TV sports guy Dave Schwartz has some up-to-the-minute closer news:

Ron Gardenhire just told me Jon Rauch will be the Twins closer, not a committee as he said earlier this week.

This hurts us more than the Twins. I'm partial to Pat Neshek, but he's still recovering from surgery and Rauch is no worse than any of the other candidates. Sure, on paper they'd be better with a mix-and-match approach, but that ignores 1) the negative impact of pitchers not knowing their exact roles, and 2) Gardenhire's ability (or not) to mix-and-match with great aplomb.

Let's say Gardenhire is just 75 percent efficient in his mixing-and-matching ... does that win more games than just installing Rauch as the closer and giving everyone else set roles? Not to mention all the mental energy Gardenhire would spend, plus the endless questions after close losses.

Theoretically, this isn't the best thing. For the Twins, it probably is.