Tigers are 2013 World Series favorites

Early odds to win the 2013 World Series from the online sports book Bovada:

Detroit Tigers: 6/1

New York Yankees: 7/1

San Francisco Giants: 10/1

Texas Rangers: 12/1

Washington Nationals: 12/1

Los Angeles Angels: 12/1

Philadelphia Phillies: 14/1

St. Louis Cardinals: 14/1

Cincinnati Reds: 14/1

Atlanta Braves: 14/1

Los Angeles Dodgers: 18/1

Tampa Bay Rays: 20/1

Boston Red Sox: 22/1

Arizona Diamondbacks: 25/1

Baltimore Orioles: 25/1

Milwaukee Brewers: 25/1

Oakland Athletics: 25/1

Chicago White Sox: 28/1

Pittsburgh Pirates: 30/1

Toronto Blue Jays: 35/1

Seattle Mariners: 40/1

Miami Marlins: 40/1

New York Mets: 40/1

San Diego Padres: 60/1

Minnesota Twins: 66/1

Chicago Cubs: 75/1

Cleveland Indians: 75/1

Colorado Rockies: 75/1

Kansas City Royals: 75/1

Houston Astros: 150/1

Now, remember, odds are designed to reflect betting patterns and aren't necessarily the same as a power rankings. My favorite would probably be the Nationals, the team with baseball's best record and best run differential in 2012. Their only two major free agents are Adam LaRoche, who they will likely bring back, and Edwin Jackson.

Best odds I like: The Rays at 20/1. While there will be David Price trade rumors out there this offseason, I suspect the Rays will keep Price and try to ride him and the rest of their rotation once again. Best longshot odds: Padres at 60/1. They won 76 games last year, improved in the second half (42-33) and are a young team that could take a leap forward in 2013.

What do you think? I posted two polls for your AL and NL favorites. Yes, it's way too early to be arguing about this. But it's a Friday, there are no baseball games to watch and we have to pass the time somehow.