Mariners to add $10 million TV set to Safeco

From Brier Dudley of the Seattle Times, on the Seattle Mariners' new video board at Safeco Field:

    At 201.5 feet by 56.7 feet, the display is nearly a block long and wider than the record-holding jumbo display at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. It's ten times the size of the ballpark's current video screen and has a viewing area of roughly 2,182 42-inch TVs.

The story says the Mariners are spending $15 million this offseason on Safeco renovations and improvements -- including moving in the outfield fences.

OK, a new TV is nice, even if costs $10 million. But the better news for Mariners fans: This money comes from a different budget than team operations, so there is still cash in the coffers to go after Josh Hamilton or Nick Swisher or trade for Billy Butler. I'm guessing Mariners fans would prefer a hitter for the middle of the order over the TV.