Monday Mendozas

Today's links are all over the map, but only because they know you wouldn't have it any other way ...

* In the wake of the establishment of Bradenia, Jason Turbow -- proprietor of thebaseballcodes.com and author of a new book (which I just downloaded but haven't read yet -- stopped by the Times for quick Q&A.

* And in the wake of the wake, The Wall Street Journal, with a handy-dandy graphic, gives our nation's pitchers yet another reason to despise Mr. Rodriguez.

* While we're on the subject (sort of), It's About the Money points out that, relatively speaking, the Yankees show a fair degree of salary restraint. Seriously.

* Among the many wonderfully bizarre contract clauses, I love that Bobby Bonilla has essentially won the lottery.

* To the list of things that are better about today's game, you can add Barry Zito's striped socks and fewer neighborhood plays.

* According to Joe Girardi, Javier Vazquez's problems are purely mechanical. Sounds reasonable enough, but couldn't a mental block lead to a physical block? I've always defended Vazquez and will today, but at some point you can't help wondering.

* This imbroglio in the Dominican Republic is about power, plain and simple.

* Melvin Mora: class guy.

* Before you're going to make some silly argument about pitchers not being tough enough these days, at least start with some basic data, via Sabernomics.

* Seamheads' James Forr with a dead-solid look at the state of the Pirates.

* OK, because I like you, I'm going to offer one piece of ironclad advice: sign up for the free (three-month!) trial subscription of Craig Wright's A Page from Baseball's Past. Smartest thing you'll ever do (if you're interested in the game's grand history).