Opening Day crossword puzzle!

March, 31, 2013
We've just about made it. We survived the winter meetings and spring training and it's time once again for real games. To help celebrate the start of a new season, I present this Opening Day-themed crossword puzzle for you to enjoy. You can also solve the puzzle online here or print out a PDF.

Crossword puzzle
1. Team that traditionally hosted Opening Day's first game
5. You might connect them
9. Keyboard bar
14. Mine entrance
15. 3B Kevin ____, Cubs 1st round draft pick in 1993
16. Shady spot
17. ___ Petralli, Rangers backup backstop of the late 1980s
18. ____ Jones, White Sox rookie reliever in 2012
19. Hit 3 homers for Tigers on Opening Day 2005
20. Thrown objects which resulted in NY Giants forfeit of their Opening Day game in 1907
22. Cousins of mandolins
23. Rub out
24. Disobeyed a zoo sign?
25. Hit 3 homers for Cubs on Opening Day 1994
28. Halves
32. Long, long time
33. Greek god of the upper air
36. Hindu wrap
37. Doug ___, mediocre reliever for Devil Rays and others in early 2000s
39. 1944 and '45 AL MVP Newhouser
40. Tabletop baseball game, familiarly
41. ___ Eaton, was slated to be D'backs Opening Day CFer this year
42. Reliever Peter ____, set record with 87 consec. appear. to start a season without allowing homer (2009)
44. Conk out
45. Myrtle Beach minor leaguer
47. What belts wrap around
49. Like a wallflower
50. These go well with dogs at the park
52. Pitcher sent to Mariners in Pineda/Montero trade (2012)
55. Made record 16 Opening Day starts on mound
59. Gold braid
60. ___ Newsom, 3-time 20-game winner and loser
61. Home state of Cubs' Triple-A team
62. Actuator used for radio control and small robotics
63. Check
64. A Baldwin brother
65. 1973's "Rock On" singer
66. Combustible heap
67. "Take this!"

1. Dave Righetti's nickname
2. Paradise
3. Bedrock pet
4. Put away
5. Between Tommie Aaron and Andy Abad at
6. Certain exams
7. Sir or madam
8. Dates
9. Writer/director of "Eight Men Out"
10. Most honored or satisfied with oneself
11. Adjoin
12. Pitched perfect game 7/18/99 vs. Expos
13. Units of work
21. A "hanging" pitch doesn't do this
24. Alpine sight
25. Mets announcer Bob Murphy offered a happy one after a win
26. Crush
27. 1993 NBA Rookie of the Year
28. Hit 3 homers for Jays on Opening Day 1988
29. First team to host their season opener under the lights (1950)
30. Blue eyes or baldness, e.g.
31. Internet destinations
34. Astro whose career was derailed by beaning (1984)
35. Cow chow
38. Tending to radiate
40. Trap
42. Baseball's Carlos, Dave or Lee
43. "Far out!"
46. Tribe's Feller no-hit these guys Opening Day 1940
48. Book after Song of Solomon
50. 3B Josh ___, Marlins 1st round pick in 1994
51. Fire remnant
52. Small winning margin
53. Metals from lodes
54. Blows it
55. Cookbook abbr.
56. Mouselike animal
57. Fancy pitcher
58. Pennant ___

Diane Firstman runs the Value Over Replacement Grit blog. She previously wrote the all-Haiku season preview for the SweetSpot blog. She's on Twitter @dianagram.



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