Yankees' Wang still not right

Via Yanks Go Yard, a dubious achievement:

    Chien-Ming Wang is in the record books! Hooray!
    Wang now the all time highest ERA after five starts: 14.34 ...


    It looked like Wang actually had good stuff Wednesday as his sinker was consistently hitting 95 on the gun and his slider, on the rare occasion he threw it, had sharp break. At this point I believe Wang has his mechanics in order. Now he just needs to get his head straight and start trusting his pitches.

    Like I said, Wang's stuff is back. He might not have 110-pitch stamina yet, but for 69 pitches on Wednesday Wang looked like he had "it”. He just couldn't, or wouldn't, throw it for strikes.

Well, that's one take. Mathew Sisson's got another and he's got some data backing him up. According to the Pitchf/x data, Wang's velocity is fine, but his mechanics are not, as his release point last night was dramatically different than it was in April 2008 (in this complete-game two-hitter). Sisson concludes:

    If Wang can get his mechanics under control and work out whatever issues his foot injury has caused, Wang should easily be able to return the the pitcher he was. He can still throw as hard as he used to, but something isn't right. The Yankees should send him back down to the minors and let him work out whatever issue's he's having. Doing it at the Major League level is only going to hurt New York and could be the difference maker in a tight divisional race.

I tend to agree. And it's not like the Yankees need Wang in the rotation when they've got Phil Hughes, whose primary job at the moment seems to be cleaning up Wang's mess. And if that's his job, he may as well do the whole job until Wang gets his arm where it's supposed to be.