Astros' Bourn all kinds of wrong

Worst record in the National League? Houston. And now they're going to lose their only player with more than two steals:

    Houston Astros outfielder Michael Bourn has been suspended two games for making contact with umpire Alfonso Marquez during a game against the San Diego Padres.

    Major League Baseball made the announcement Tuesday. Bourn also was fined an undisclosed amount for his actions during the 2-1 loss Saturday.

    Bourn thought he beat out a bouncer leading off the ninth inning, but first base umpire Marquez called him out. Bourn ripped off his helmet and Marquez ejected the center fielder.

It wasn't a great deal of contact ... but it was contact, and that can't be tolerated.

First Bourn ripped off his helmet, but he got ejected after punching the air and (presumably) dropping some verbal bombs (video here.

You can't blame him for being frustrated. His team's struggling, and in the ninth inning of a 2-1 game he came oh-so-close to doing exactly what his team needed.

What's most interesting about the whole sequence is that while Bourn looked safe (or maybe tied, which is the same thing) with the naked eye, the replay suggests that Marquez got the call right.

So Bourn was wrong twice; he was wrong for bumping the ump, and he was wrong about the call. Two games seems a small price to pay.

Nevertheless, he has appealed the suspension. Because, you know, it wasn't fair.