Orioles' Reimold heading to minors

Looks like the Orioles are demoting Nolan Reimold, with Corey Patterson taking his roster spot. The Baltimore Sun's Dan Connolly:

    Reimold has batted just .205 with two homers and 10 RBIs in 29 games with the Orioles this season, but his struggles extended beyond the plate. On Tuesday, he misplayed two singles in left field, getting a late break on one and bobbling another.

    After the game, Orioles manager Dave Trembley said he thought Reimold was struggling with his confidence.

    Reimold was a candidate for the 2009 American League Rookie of the Year before injuring his left Achilles and not playing after mid-September. He hit .279 with 15 homers in 2009. The Achilles hampered him this spring after offseason surgery.

I'm not sure what hurts more: an Achilles injury, or losing your roster spot to Corey Patterson.

Was that wrong? Should I not have written that? In Patterson's last 43 Triple-A games (29 last year, 14 this year), he's hitting .343 with 13 walks (that's a lot, for him). Sure, he's 30. But some guys don't figure things out until they're 30. Or ever.

Reimold's pretty obviously not right, physically. The lousy fielding ... well, he's never been much of a fielder. He's always hit, though. And I have to assume a connection between last season's injury and this season's lousy hitting. This is probably just a blip. He'll hit again, and eventually he'll play one of his natural positions (first base, DH).

Meanwhile, let's enjoy Corey Patterson while we can.