Wednesday Wangdoodles

Today's links are half info-cational, half enter-mational, and half edu-tainment ...

* Hey, Madison Bumgarner seems to be back, and all because of a slight mechanical adjustment (just like the Giants said). If so, I'll never have been so glad to be wrong. (I habitually root for young pitchers.)

* I love thinking of Woodrow Call and Gus McCrae as industrialists. (And to know why I'm thinking of them like that, you'll have to probably have to be a Lonesome Dove fan and look at this.)

* Every so often, someone asks me if I could run a baseball team, as general manager. Now, I know that's a preposterous idea just as well as you do. But I'd never seen the reasons expressed quite this completely before.

* Is it really "easy" (as Dave Cameron writes) to be a relief pitcher if you have a good arm? Here's one compelling data point.

* The secret to Barry Zito's success this season? According to BtB's J-Doug, it's luck, pitch selection and ground balls (but mostly luck, and you should read the whole article and decide for yourself).

* Turning Albert Pujols into a cleanup hitter isn't going to change the world. It won't even change the baseball world. But as R.J. Anderson writes, it's eminently defensible (unless you're the other team, of course).

* Joey's right: this is very, very, very, very disappointing if you: 1) watch Rangers games on TV, and 2) have more than just a passing interest in how baseball is actually played. Boo. I mean, seriously: Boo.