Mets in tough spot with Ollie Perez

Nope, Oliver Perez really, really doesn't want to return to the minors. Can you blame him?

Actually, yeah. You can. He's behaving selfishly and foolishly. Welcome to the club. But you can also blame the owners for allowing such a thing into the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The CBA was fairly negotiated, and occasionally the players will take advantage of its various provisions. So what should the Mets do now, with Perez and his contract that owes him another $12 million in 2011? Howie Rose thinks they might have to just release him:

It’s clear that his own teammates are fed up with him and his overtly selfish ways, so the Mets may have no choice but to eat the remainder of his contract, and simply move on. They have to pay him anyway, and once a player begins to affect the well-being of his own clubhouse, it’s really time to cut the cord. The odds against his ever again becoming a serviceable big league pitcher are prohibitive, so it really serves no purpose to keep him around just to save face.

What the owners really need to do is revisit this provision of the CBA during the next round of negotiations. It is rather astounding that they ever agreed to a system which prevents them from exhausting every conceivable method of rehabilitating a struggling player. This is not about getting out from under an onerous contract. It’s about having the right to find any way possible to get at least a fraction of their money’s worth, whether the petulant, overpaid player likes it or not.

Look, whatever the Mets do, it's not likely that Perez will ever pitch effectively again. He hasn't pitched effectively since the second half of the 2008 season, and even then he was walking four or five batters per nine innings. But it's hard to see how he'll pitch effectively if he doesn't either 1) discover that he's injured, and get healthy, or 2) pitch a ton of innings and work his way out of this thing. And neither of those things will happen as long as he's buried in the back of the Mets' bullpen.

Everybody knows this. Nobody can do anything about it. Which leaves everybody hoping for some sort of miracle.

Good luck with that.

(Hat tip: BTF's Newsstand)